Not for eternity

Capo 2nd

Em Bm C G D

Am G D Em
C G Em
Am Em Am Em
C D H7 Em D Cadd9

Lay down beside me it's small but it's just big enough, for leftovers of us,
Our black and white world has been captured in colorful cuffs, it was all we could trust,
Cause red makes a joke of what love is supposed to be, and blue eyes are scaring the hell out of me,
Beyond every promise there's more left to find,
For you, for me but not for eternity,
Just for tonight

A distant voice is giving directions straight out to the blue, but we're running astray,
This fog makes me mixed up I wait for clear thoughts to break through,
But they're fading away into the night where they turn into dust, lingers on floors among laughters and rust,
There are hours to kill so lets waste our time,
For you, for me but not for eternity,
Just for this very night
D7 G H7 Em

Wuthering heights make me head for a fall,
Please let me fall right into this well of deep water,
Who hears my call?

Em Bm C G D
Am G D Em
C G Em
Am Em Am Em
C D H7 Em D Cadd9

Things said and done, words that matters transformed into fuel, for your hourglas sand,
Days that I thought I regretted have now become jewles, that slipped though my hand,
In seperate lives we keep growing old longing for warm hands to burn out the cold,
The black and white eyes gaze into the fire,
For you, for me but not for eternity,
Just before we retire

Among colored rules of love and decisions about what's wrong or right, there's no way to rewind,
But tonight take the cuffs off our wrists let's pretend for a while, that we're colorblind,
In a black and white eye there are no promises found and tomorrow this time we are no longer bound,
But the weight on my chest bring a thought to my mind, I know I don't want you to leave once you've come around and it scares me sometimes

Hold my hand if you're there I'm confused, let us trip,
Please let me slip when deep water turns into ice I want to lose the grip


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